Custom Calligraphy Christmas Ornaments

Every year as Christmas approaches, I always want to offer ornaments! I love the holiday season and am treasuring this year even more so as my son gets to see it with his toddler eyes for the first time, and as I know it was my sister’s most favorite time of the year. Celebrating Christmas this year is already feeling so hard without her, but in a way it makes me feel even closer to her positive spirit. Christmas was always magical to her and she made it that way for everyone around her.



So, this year I am offering Christmas ornaments! I will have a few different options. The first one is a white ceramic (gorgeous!) ornament with a brass clasp and cream ribbon. I can write on these ornaments in black or gold ink. I have a limited supply of these ones, so if you want one, get it now! Linked here.



I will also have round, clear, acrylic ornaments with a cream ribbon that can be customized in gold, black, or white ink. I think these look best in black or white! Linked here.



The third ornament option is a mini chalkboard. I can write on these ornaments in white ink. Linked here.



The last ornament option is a white clay star that would be perfect for gifting to new parents, commemorating the birth of your new child, the memory of a loved one, or gifting to grandparents. Linked here.



I am selling my ornaments on Etsy and you can find that link here, as well as on my main web page under “shop”.

I will be doing a few live calligraphy events during November/December and the first one is a Jolly Holiday Open House hosted by Rosie Oaks & Crew. This company is near and dear to my heart because it is my best friend and her sister! They embroider and customize all sorts of items (and are customizing Theodore’s Christmas jammies… I am so excited about this!). The event is on Small Business Saturday, November 30th, from 10AM to 3PM at 605 Hillview Drive, Mount Juliet, Tenn. There will be shopping, socializing, a free photoshoot, decorating workshops, and more! I will be setup live hand calligraphing ornaments and selling other Christmas goodies like letterpress gift tags and such. If you are local, I hope you can stop by!