Hi, my name is Anna Brown.

I live a simple life on five acres of land with my husband Austin, son Theodore, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 5 chickens. We grow hemp plants, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and lots of love.

I started an online space as a wedding invitation designer, putting 6+ years of graphic design, hand lettering, and letterpress experience to use. But now, it feels different. I want to share more than that.

This September, my sister passed away from Leukemia. It has thrown my whole world upside down. Looking at those words puts my stomach in knots. In these dark moments, I find peace in writing. I find hope in creating. I find comfort in cooking and baking. So in an attempt to journal these things, I am starting here.

I know my sister had high expectations for me. I want to make her proud with what I do in my time left on earth. I want to take advantage of the things I used to take for granted, because she can not do that anymore. I want to squeeze her children and mine, to wrap them in love and joy, and to fill their hearts and bellies.