Custom Calligraphy Christmas Ornaments

Every year as Christmas approaches, I always want to offer ornaments! I love the holiday season and am treasuring this year even more so as my son gets to see it with his toddler eyes for the first time, and as I know it was my sister’s most favorite time of the year. Celebrating Christmas this year is already feeling so hard without her, but in a way it makes me feel even closer to her positive spirit. Christmas was always magical to her and she made it that way for everyone around her.

Four Years

I am reflecting on four years in business as Olive Juice Press! Four! This is the first year I almost forgot to stop and celebrate those years. Likely because I took quite a bit of time off to Mom. And…

Forming a Routine

I am not one for strict schedules, routines, appointments, and planners. I usually push back against these things when I set them for myself or when they are set for me. It is essentially setting myself up to feel like…